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“There’s not one way to be black. There’s not one way to be a black female rock artist.”

Honeychild Coleman
Honeychild Coleman started her musical career during the hot summer of 1993,busking in the New York City subway system. From 1998 onward she is a founding member and organizer of the Sistagrrrl Riots, performing experimental electronic music, and more recently fronting the blues-punk outfit The 1865. She has worked with The Slits, Mad Professor, Apollo Heights/The Veldt, and Badawi/Raz Mesinai. She appeared in the documentaries Afro-Punk, Fireflies,Getting My Name up There, and Rock Chicks. Her songs have been featured in the film and television soundtracks of Pariah, Woke!, and Everything’s Gonna Be All White. Coleman’s writing will appears in Razorcake 'zine and  James Spooner and Chris Terry’s anthology Black Punk Now
Current Projects: 
The 1865 (Blues-Punk) 
The Phensic (Rocksteady / Skinhead Reggae ) 
Bachslider (Heavy Post-Punk) 
GKA (Noise / Punk)
DJ Sugarfree BK
Documentary features: 
"Rock Chicks" (GERMANY)
"Rude Girls" (USA)
The Sounds of Justice (USA)
"Firelies" & "Getting My Name Up There" (AUSTRIA) 
James Spooner's "Afropunk" (USA) 

Film / TV Score Contributions: 
Showtime Series "Everything's Gonna Be All White" (The 1865)
Hulu Original Series “Woke” (The 1865) 
Robin Wright Penn's mystery thriller, "Sorry Haters " (IFC) 
"P.R", the award-winning indie film, Maria Paraskevopoulou (UK / Greece) 
"Pariah" Dee Rees Sundance award winning debut (Focus Features) 

Written Work:
Razorcake 'zine, Issue 130 (2022)
James Spooner & Chris L.Terry's BLACK PUNK NOW (2023)

Collaborators and Guest Appearances:
Apollo Heights
Death Comet Crew
DJ Olive
Mad Professor
Wordsound I-Powa
John Carlin
Teho Teardo
The Veldt
The Slits

Honeychild Coleman is a Mentor at the Underground Producers Alliance (UPA): https://upa.nyc/bios/honeychild/

General Inquiries & Booking: honeychildcolemanmusic@gmail.com